Spice up your Immunity with Curcumin!

Spice up your Immunity with Curcumin

Spice up your Immunity with Curcumin:

On a serious note, of late, with COVID-19 lurking around, people have been looking to boost their immune system. The ultimate goal is to achieve optimum immune health with a properly balanced immune system, which can keep the body away from viruses, especially when challenged.

Did you know? There have been different researches to find out whether curcumin can help in making the immune system stronger, and we’re here to tell you all about it!

First and foremost! What does turmeric do for your body! Well, it contains powerful bioactive compounds that give it its medicinal properties. Now, you must be wondering where the yellow color comes in your dish? It’s simple! Turmeric makes your dishes look that good and colorful. This yellowish compound is what will help you keep fit and healthy in these trying times!

Now, what is curcumin? It is a group of compounds, called curcuminoids, that are extracted from the roots of Turmeric. An interesting fact. Turmeric is also called the Indian Saffron! Didn’t know that right? Well, now you do! It was discovered roughly two centuries ago, curcumin has now become one of the most widely used and well-researched natural therapeutic ingredients! There are different researchers who believe that curcumin has more therapeutic properties than turmeric itself! Can you believe that?

What causes immune imbalance?

Now, this is something you’d really like to know!

There are various factors such as vitamin deficiencies, chronic stress, lack of sleep, as well as exposure to different harmful toxins. All these factors can negatively impact the immune system. For example, the pathological stress leads to affecting the native immune cells, and this leads to a negative impact on the body. Additionally, the chronic stress that a human goes through makes it worse and it reduces the ability of the immune system to protect the body from harmful viruses.

There have been various researches that have shown that individuals with a higher levels of stress have reduced antibody responses. There have been other factors also that can cause the immune system to go haywire. One of the major reasons can be sleep deprivation. This can cause an excessive activation of the innate immune cells, all the while, decreasing the body’s antiviral activities.

Phew! That’s too much on how our immune system can go wrong and affect us! For this, we have to be careful and keep it healthy! 

This is exactly where you can introduce Curcumin in your lives!

Does curcumin benefit the immune system? What is curcumin good for? Want to know how and what it is?

This is exactly where you can introduce Curcumin in your lives

Well, there are different types of viruses that can affect our body and can cause the immune cells to unreasonably activate. This hyper-activation of the immune cells, leads to the production of excessive acute-phase proteins that can negatively affect your health.

Ooh, we’ve put in too much heavy information now, haven’t we? We promise to make it easier from here onwards!

Did you know? The main benefits of curcumin are that it is both anti-inflammatory and has antioxidant properties. Due to the presence of its anti-inflammatory elements, curcumin can help in relieving oxidative stress, which is known as one of the major causes of chronic diseases, and is similar to that of Vitamin E, which is considered as a chain-breaking antioxidant.

Easy, right?

Now for the interesting part! Curcumin can help the body in fighting low-level inflammation. Inflammation in the body can cause different types of chronic diseases, which curcumin can help get rid of! Pretty impressive for just a root. Don’t you agree? Turmeric has the capability to fight off low-level chronic inflammation, which can act as a beneficial element in boosting immunity. When turmeric helps the body in getting rid of the inflammation, it naturally helps the body in collecting energy to fight bacteria and viruses that can affect it in a negative way.

Would you like to know a secret about curcumin? You see, when you combine it with Piperine, or black pepper, the bioavailability and absorption increases in the body to up to 2000%! Can’t believe it right? Try it now! We sure will!

Did you know? Experts have said that curcumin can improve the issues related to inflammation, and those associated with COVID-19, which, in turn, help in keeping oneself fit and improve their physical well-being. Experts and Ayurvedic doctors have said that consuming turmeric has a pungent and bitter taste, two most significant elements that provide heat to the body and this allows for the natural cleansing of the body. A healthy gut = healthy immune system! Experts have found that curcumin can actively reduce intestinal inflammation, as it has anti-inflammatory properties!

To make its consumption easier, we, at Hye Foods, have extracted the most significant compound of Turmeric, i.e., Curcumin, and mixed it with Piperine, an extract of Black Pepper, in the form of Curcumin Capsules, to help you build your immunity and keep you fit and healthy in these trying times!

With a more strengthened immune system, you will be able to stay healthier and maintain an active healthy lifestyle. Now more than ever, we need to take good care of ourselves and try to take control of the situation, which consists of our internal environments, which also includes a healthy immune system.

The benefits to curcumin are never-ending, and if we continue, we won’t be able to stop! However, to read more about curcumin and its benefits, click here. 

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