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Have You Ever thought of a food brand that not only makes you healthier but also educates you about all the aspects of the food that you are consuming on a daily basis? Our aim is to remove the information asymmetry from the food industry so that customers are aware and do not get deceived by the industry in general.

HYE Foods is established to make people aware about the food that they are eating so that they can maintain a healthy lifestyle in this unhealthy environment that we are living in. With a range of products in the pipeline, we already have very exciting products like camel milk powder, Soy Milk Powder, Coconut Milk Powder and goat milk powder. To educate our customers more about food products, guidelines, packaging, logistics etc we create engaging and interesting content from launching Trivia of the season to writing informative blogs, we try our best to connect with our customers.

From our manufacturing partners, network, labs, and nutrition experts to our customers’ minds, the information flow is transparent without any pilferage. There are a lot of studies and research papers that we use and only then provide all the nutritional information about our products. We hope to create a happier and knowledgeable world for everyone.

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