The Secret Behind Creamy and Delicious Coconut Milk

The History Behind Coconut Milk

Have You Ever wondered about the secret behind rich and creamy Coconut Milk?

If not, then we’ll tell you all about it today!

Okay, so at this point, when we said: “Coconut Milk” what came into your mind first? Beaches, Sea, Palm Trees, etc. Right? This same image came into our minds too! However, did you know that there is a secret behind this tasty treat!

Well, we’re here to tell you about that little secret! Hold On! For it is about to get interesting!

You may only know about the common dairy available, i.e. cow or buffalo milk, but did you know that milk can be made from anything?

Cow? Check!

Goat? Check!

What about Oat? Check!  

Almond? Check!

What about Coconut? Well, of course, yes!

It is a relatively new concept, but did you know that Coconut Milk has been a staple in Southeast Asian Countries for centuries! Interesting, right?

 So how is Coconut Milk made?

You guessed it right! Coconut Milk is made from the meat found inside a coconut and it can be a rich addition to your soups, curries, smoothies, etc. and it can also be enjoyed on its own, or taken as a substitute for your daily cup of coffee or cereal!

A versatile beverage, Coconut Milk can be used in your daily life, especially for people who love Coconut Milk! What is so delicious about Coconut Milk is that they love it so much! What else is there to the thick, creamy white liquid? What else is there under that tough, hard Coconut shell?

Well, we decided to look under all that! Here is what we found!

When you think about Coconut Milk, the first thought that pops into your mind may completely depend upon the cuisine you are having. You may find Coconut Milk in various forms and it is very very important to understand the different options available!

Okay, imagine you are cooking and you need Coconut Milk? Where can you get fresh Coconut Milk?

Well, people say that canned Coconut is typically the kind; however, we beg to differ! Hye Foods’ Coconut Milk Powder is one of a kind! It is 100% Pure & Natural and it stays with you longer than you would want!

Want Coconut Milk, just grab your box of Hye Foods’ Coconut Milk Powder, take 200ml of warm water and your fresh Coconut Milk will be ready for use!

The perfect cereal or smoothie alternative, Coconut Milk is for sure our favorite! Make it yours too!

Okay, have you ever visited the alternative milk section in your grocery store? If not, then do it today! When you go there, you’ll see that the options for alternative milk are increasing every day!

This is not because of the companies promoting their products, but it is due to the demand! Say what? Is there so much demand for milk alternatives?

For sure there is! We’ve seen the increase in the trend ourselves!

Want to know an interesting fact? Well, in 2018, the sales of refrigerated plant-based milk increased by 7% to $1.61 billion. 

We’re talking in billions here, baby!

This makes it quite evident that people have been looking for other options for normal cow’s milk! Aren’t you one of them?

Okay, so, as Coconut Milk is a significant part of traditional cuisine in Southeast Asian countries, it doesn’t look like the demand will be lower any time soon!

So do you know how Coconut Milk is made? Well, we know we’ve already mentioned this in our previous blog, which you can find by clicking here, but today, we’ll tell you how Coconut Milk is made shelf-stable!

Interesting, right?

Well, first and foremost, Coconut Milk has to be thermally processed before it can be packaged and processed out to the closest store near you! Well, if there are no stores available near you, you don’t have to worry about it at all! You can always order Hye Foods’ Coconut Milk Powder from our website!

Okay, so getting back to the point.

After the milk has been extracted, it is heated to almost 92 to 95 degrees Celsius, where stabilizers are added during the homogenization process. So, after this is done, the Coconut Milk is added to a can while it is still hot or it is, at times, sent through an exhauster to cool it down before it is put into the can.

That’s not all folks!

Did you know that Coconut Milk and Coconut Water are NOT the same things!

Although they are derived from the same coconut, they are certainly not the same. Well, you all know how we derive Coconut Milk, but Coconut Water is the liquid found inside a green coconut or a young coconut that is harvested for consumption.

Have You Ever wondered about the time that a coconut takes to ripen?

Well, it takes approximately 10-12 months to completely ripen, and for the first 6 months, young coconuts are used for coconut water!

Now, we come to the benefits of Coconut Milk! Because, why not!

Benefits of Coconut Milk
  • Coconut Milk is a rich source of Iron!

Who are we without iron? Even our red blood cells are made up of iron! Without iron, we wouldn’t be able to take in oxygen, and when we’re low on iron, we get these head rushes as you stand up!

Oh, this feeling! It’s like we just had a glimpse of the entire galaxy!

Our body starts painting, headaches, etc. we get it all! So, to give your body the proper amount of iron, we’d recommend Coconut Milk.

If you’re a Coconut Milk aficionado, you’ll never be low on iron! It is said that one cup of Coconut Milk contains 7.46 milligrams of iron, which, we know, may not be a great amount, but it sure is higher than our daily recommended amount.

  • Coconut Milk may help in Boosting your Immune System:

We know that there are various reasons for you to enjoy Coconut Milk, but you might add it to your diet for the great benefits it has on your immune system!

Coconut Milk is said to contain Lauric Acid, a long-chain fatty acid and it may be one of the best things for your body! According to experts, lauric acid may be helpful in inhibiting the growth of bacteria that can cause various ailments.

  • Coconut Milk is rich in ‘Good” fats:

The word ‘fat’ is always in our dictionary, labeled under the heading ‘negative.’ This is not always the case. There are certain good fats too, which are beneficial for the body.

Okay, so these good fats are called MCTs or Medium-Chain Triglycerides, which means that they can be broken down by the body easily and converted into energy! Although there are researchers being conducted whether overconsumption of saturated fats should be frowned upon, it is true that you might be consuming a better type of saturated fat when drinking Coconut Milk, which can be easily digested.

Well, these are just a few of the benefits of Coconut Milk! If you would like to know more about its benefits, we’ve done detailed research on it and written a blog on it too! All you have to do is click here!

Want to give Coconut Milk a try after knowing about its secret! Well, we’ve got just the thing for you! Hye Foods Coconut Milk Powder! Can you believe that? Click here to get yours today! 

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