How is Coconut Milk Made? Go Coco-Nuts with Coconut Milk!

How is Coconut Milk Made?

Have You Ever Wondered How Coconut Milk is made? Is it made at home or is it made in factories? 

Well, to answer your question, it is made in factories, and it can be made at home too! Did we say at home? We’ve got your attention, haven’t we? 

Let’s enter the world of Coconuts and Coconut Milk and see for ourselves how Coconut Milk is made! 

Well, the first question that pops up into the mind is where did coconut come from? 

Trees. Coconuts come from trees! 

However, Coconuts first came up in South East Asia and in islands off of the Indian Subcontinent. As many as 2,000 years ago Coconut Milk came into being. The name Coconut was given by Portuguese sailors who were accompanying Vaso Da Gama on his ship. Well, it’s quite interesting how they gave it the name.

They called it ‘Coco’ which means ‘grinning face’. They named it so because of the three holes in its shell that looked like it had a mysterious smiling face! 

Today, Coconut Milk is being used by many cultures in their dishes! You will mainly find it in the South Indian cultures! 

We are sure you have visited loads of restaurants which offer Thai Food?

Thai Curry is made using Coconut Milk. The aroma and freshness of this dish definitely is something that freshens up your mood and is a must-try dish for each and every individual. 

What is Coconut Milk? Well, it is not your every milk in a dairy sense, but it is close to the level of creaminess that milk has. 

Let’s find out how Coconut Milk is made! 

Coconut milk is made by pressing coconut flesh to extract its liquid, yielding a thick cream which is then diluted with water, bringing it to a drinkable consistency. This is just a small process that we know about. 

Coconut Milk can either be thin or thick! When manufacturers are making thick milk, which is usually used for cooking meals, etc. they grate the flesh of mature coconuts, then squeeze it with the help of cheesecloth to extract the liquid. This form of thick milk retains more fat than thin milk. 

The thin milk that is available is mostly used as a substitute for dairy in cereals, smoothies, etc. and this comes from fresh-squeezed coconut flesh that is left inside the cheesecloth. The manufacturers add warm water to it and then strain it through the cheesecloth a second time, the result of which is much thinner milk. 

That was interesting, wasn’t it? Here’s something more interesting! 

In order to preserve the quality and extend the shelf life of Coconut Milk, various thermal processing methods can be applied, such as pasteurization, sterilization, and Ultra High temperature (UHT) treatment. Every method has its own feature, condition, and product life! 

How is Coconut Milk Made? Go Coco-Nuts with Coconut Milk!

How do we, at Hye Foods, make our Coconut Milk Powder? 

Well, we at Hye Foods use the Spray Drying process to make our Coconut Milk Powder! The mature Coconut meat is first to spray-dried and then emulsifiers are added to it to help it convert to a fine powder. This is one of the most effective ways to keep the Coconut Milk Powder fresh. 

To consume fresh Coconut Milk, all you have to do is take 2 tablespoons of Hye Foods’ Coconut Milk Powder with 200ml of warm water and just mix it! 

How is Coconut Milk Different from Coconut Water?  

Coconut Milk is different to that of Coconut Water. Coconut Water is the clear, liquid substance that is found in the center of the young, green Coconut. It is low in fat, but it is rich in easily digested carbohydrates. Coconut Milk is a thick  substance that is made using the white substance or as it is called ‘Coconut Flesh’ that is found on the inner walls of the Coconut. 

Well, it’s just that we love Coconut Milk and we would want you to try it too! 

Why do we recommend Coconut Milk? 

We’ve got a few reasons that we’d also like you to know! For starters, Coconut Milk is definitely a good option to maintain the healthy lifestyle that people choose today!

Coconut Milk is again a powerhouse of ingredients and is full of vitamins and minerals which definitely helps in the growth and development of the body. It is one of the best sources of lauric acid which, in turn, helps in controlling the good and bad types of cholesterol.

It contains fats which helps the drinker satiate his/her hunger and he/she feels energized after drinking it. The electrolytes present in Coconut Milk, such as Magnesium, helps in improving our gut health, as it helps in minimising inflammation in the gut. Without the presence of magnesium in the gut, the good bacteria will be exposed to potential harm, and this will have a negative impact on the blood sugar levels, etc.  

A major part of Coconut Milk is made up of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA), which help in keeping the immune system stronger. It even helps in improving the digestive system, as the MCFA present in Coconuts are easily digested, absorbed, and even provide a quick source of energy that helps in keeping the body healthy. 

Did you know that Coconuts actually help in maintaining the ecological balance since the amount of water, energy, and fertilizer required to grow them is way too little as compared to other plants?

Another fact that will surprise you is that the extensive root systems of the Coconut trees help in preventing soil erosion.

Doesn’t it seem to be like an All-In-One package? Well, we would for sure say that! 

It is not just the health benefits of Coconut Milk for which we can consume it, but there are other benefits of Coconut Milk too! 

There are so many moisturizing creams and lotions that use Coconut Milk as their ingredient. It smooths your skin and helps you feel soft about your own body! (which you are already beautiful though)

Would you like to make a creamier omelette without having to use dairy products? Add coconut milk to your eggs and try them with various types of flour to make some delicious and nutritious dishes.

Have You Ever tried Bread Malai Roll made Using Coconut Milk? We are sure you are missing out on a delicacy if you have not yet tried it out. 

The number of delicacies that can be made using Coconut Milk is innumerable. With the festival season coming up, our country which is famous for its sweet dishes, definitely Coconut Milk will be one of their ingredients for the delicacies. 

Want to know a bit more about what you can cook with Coconut Milk to make your special day more special, just click here!

Feeling hot? Feeling unwell?

Just grab a sip of Coconut Water and you will feel as fresh as a newly born baby who just had a bath!

We can assure you that Coconut Milk will provide the same taste and freshness!

Get the real Coconut-y taste with Hye Foods’ Coconut Milk Powder! 

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