Soy Milk Shake

By Shivani Shrivastava

Soy Milk Shake

There’s a famous saying, “ A good breakfast is the start of a good day” and we couldn’t agree more! 

We are here with a simple, healthy and a Vegan drink to go with your breakfast or evening snack- Soy Milk Shake. Shivani Shrivastava, a food blogger shared with us the recipe of this healthy drink to keep you energetic the whole day.




  • Take a blender and put one cup of Soy milk powder in it
  • Add dry fruits of your choice
  • Add 2 small bananas
  • Add honey according to your choice
  • Add water & blend it all together for 2-3 mins


And your glass of Soy milkshake is ready!

P.s.- One glass of Soy milkshake a day, keeps gloominess away!


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