Have You Ever thought how coffee was discovered? You have

Coffee discovery

It’s a fruit. The second largest traded commodity in the world! The beverage boasts over 800 flavor influencing components, whereas Wine has only 150. And that’s not all! According to a legend, Goats discovered “It”.

Let’s head over, coz we GOAT to talk about COFFEE!


The tale of coffee discovered by jumping goats is set in ninth-century Ethiopia. A lonely goat-herder named Kaldi, observed his goats prancing and frolicking about. After eating the red berries and shiny leaves of an unfamiliar tree the goats barely slept. Their behavior intrigued him, and he tried some of the beans. A local monk noticed this herd of jumping goats with an unusually active herder. When asked, Kaldi excitedly shared the secret of the beans with the curious monk.

The head of the local Sufi monastery heard of the fruit and came up with the idea of drying and boiling the berries to make a beverage. But in the process, he mistakenly threw the berries into the fire. To save the berries, the monks raked up the beans from the embers. While the aroma of the roasted beans filled the night, the monk ground and dissolved the beans in hot water: thus, brewing the world’s first cup of coffee!

Thanks to the beverage, the monks realized they could stay up all night and pray- Just the thing for men devoted to long hours of prayer! The word spread to other Ethiopian monks and that’s how coffee reached the rest of the world.

Psst! Want to know another secret?

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Interesting facts about coffee


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  1. Hell so true, when I have a lot of office work I drink more and more coffee every sip makes me energetic 😀

    1. Hye Foods

      Thank You for your valuable comments.

  2. It was a great read about coffee history. I really appreciate reading your post, and thanks for sharing this amazing informative post with us.

    1. Hye Foods

      We are glad that you find this information informative.

      Thank You

  3. Is it given for Persian cats as a milk replacer? Is Hye goat milk powder is lactose-free?

  4. Ahtesham Noor

    Coffee beans were ‘Smuggled’ and Introduced into India by a Sufi Monk !

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