Goat Milk For Dengue

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How is Goat Milk Helpful in Dengue ?

Goat Milk For Dengue

The main complications during dengue fever are a decrease in selenium and the blood platelet count in the body. Goat milk is known as the richest source of Selenium as compared to cow and sheep milk. Not just this, people suffering from dengue face digestive issues, which can be improved with goat milk as it has known properties to improve digestive and metabolic utilization of various minerals. As goat milk contains Selenium, it acts as an enzyme that protects from cellular damage, which is caused due to the formation of the by-product of oxygen metabolism due to its antioxidant properties.

Phew! We’ve used up much of our vocab here only!

We’re kidding! To put it in simple words, goat milk contains selenium, which helps in protecting the cells from damage and helps improve blood platelet count.

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I have bought this several times and I really love it. Greens quality and flavour. I make cha with it as well as smoothies and sometimes just a mug of hot milk before bed. Highly recommended.
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Very good for my health and getting weight loss. quality product Can be used regularly. Real Goat Milk from HYE FOODS
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Having it daily after exercise and feeling energetic. Helps in muscle repair and good source of protein and omega3.
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This is the best Goat milk powder available here. Go for it. Contains no harmful preservatives . A very Good product. 👌👍
Indranil Jana
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Fantastic product. Meets all expectation.
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