Vegan Coconut Milk Powder | 500g


  1. Add it easily to your diet and get that nourished body, full of proteins and an immune systemlike no other! Try HYE Foods Vegan Coconut Milk Powder today!
  2. Acne-Prone skin? Preclude acne with the help of HYE Foods Coconut Milk Powder. Get it today!
  3. Dry and damaged hair reducing your self-confidence? Worry not! HYE Foods has your back on it.
  4. Get that extra burden off your body with HYE Foods Coconut Milk Powder!
  5. Substitute your average milk for HYE Foods Coconut Milk and create smoothies, soups, curry,etc. Whatever you wish for!
  6. No lumps! HYE Foods coconut powder blends easily into a suave liquid, absolutely lump-free!
  7. With its anti-bacterial properties, HYE Foods coconut milk powder helps to nourish your dryskin.
  8. A perfect fit for your Keto diet, HYE Foods coconut milk powder helps you reduce weight too!

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Coconut Milk Powder is the hero that will save you from the left-over wallowing up at the back of your

fridge. With a fantastic store cupboard ingredient in the home, HYE Foods Vegan Coconut Milk Powder

makes sure that you add delicious dairy-free recipes to your life, without drowning in huge amounts of

other dairy products! It tastes delicious; you will not be able to categorize between coconut powder and

coconut milk! A convenience food, especially for vegans who are not used to the concept of dairy

products. Just grab some vegan coconut milk powder for every recipe that calls for other forms of milk.

Get the same delectable creaminess and get over those allergies, intolerances, health reasons without

using dairy. HYE Foods Vegan Coconut Milk Powder is what you see and what you will get. From freshly

squeezed coconut milk, which is natural, makes sure that it remains nice and fresh. Rich in Lauric acid,

HYE Foods vegan coconut milk powder is wonderful for brain development and boosting immunity. An

excellent source of Vitamin C, E and a delightful number of Vitamin B, it also has iron, calcium,

magnesium, potassium and even selenium! Can you believe that? Get your packet of HYE Foods Vegan

Coconut Milk Powder today! Itchy scalp, dry and damaged hair? Manage it all with HYE Foods Coconut

Milk Powder today! Simply add hot water with two spoonful of HYE Foods vegan coconut milk powder

and stir. You have complete control over the consistency. Do you want a little thicker and creamier

coconut milk? Just add a little less water. Want to make a long and refreshing smoothie? Just add more

water. What else do you need when you have HYE Foods vegan coconut milk powder?

Coconut Milk Powder

Vegan Coconut Milk Powder by HYE is made from Pure & Original Coconuts from south India.

Not a lot of people know that Coconut has some other mind lowing benefits to offer.

Coconut Milk Powder
Vegan Coconut
Vegan Coconut
Vegan milk
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