Coconut Peanut Spread | NO EMULSIFIERS and NO STABILIZERS 100% Natural 500gms


  • An excellent source of protein? Good Fats? Well, yes! Our Peanut Spread is super-rich in it!
  • It does not contain Hydrogenated Oil.
  • Not just energy boosting ability, but Peanut Spread also helps in the overall growth & development of your children! Can you believe it?!
  • Don’t you worry, for it does not contain any added sugar, only Jaggery!
  • A powerpack of health & taste, Hye Foods’ Peanut Spread gives a coconut-y mouthfeel.
  • Wait, did we say that we do not add any additives and preservatives or Hydrogenated/Palm Oil?
  • HYE Foods Coconut Peanut Spread – The nutrition your child deserves!

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Have You Ever thought that Peanut Spread could be interesting and tasty? If not, then we’re here with something that will for sure grab your attention, and most importantly that of your kids! Imagine your child sitting quietly and enjoying his peanut Spread sandwich and you having that peace in your life! Won’t that be good? Not just this! You’ll also be giving them that extra punch of nutrition and health to them! Packed with the goodness of Coconut and Peanuts, Hye Foods’ Coconut Peanut Spread is something you cannot miss out on. We didn’t add any preservatives or additives! All the ingredients are Natural too! Sugar? God, No! We’ve added Jaggery for that hint of sweetness and perfect taste! Hye Foods’ Peanut Spread has a smooth texture, which will give you a creamy mouthfeel. A delectable taste for your palate that will take you to a world full of Hye!

Still Thinking? Let’s make it easier for you. Indulge in the goodness of Peanut Spread and explore more with our variants: Cocoa and Coconut. Choose the one you desire or choose them all for having a new recipe each day.

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