Vegan Curcumin Capsule | 90 Capsules | (650mg/capsule)


  • Eureka! The answer to a healthy life has been found! With 95% pure curcumin, and 95% piperine, HYE FOODS Curcumin Capsules increases the bioavailability of curcumin in your body.
  • Reduce the signs of aging: Did you know that by consuming HYE FOODS Curcumin Capsules, you can reduce the signs of aging, before they appear on your skin.
  • Increased Absorption: The body, due to the reductive and configurative breakdown in the liver, in general, absorbs Curcumin below par. With the presence of Piperine in HYE FOODS Curcumin capsules, an extract of black pepper, an increase in the meta-absorption & bioavailability takes place.
  • Low risk of heart diseases: Known for its advantageous effects, HYE FOODS Curcumin Capsules enhances the functions of endothelium, which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and as an anti-oxidant.
  • Improved exercise output: Have You Ever tried exercising but are unable to do so? With the presence of Curcumin in HYE FOODS Curcumin Capsules, it helps increase the recovery time of athletes as well as old people! It reduces muscle lassitude of the athletes and increases their performances! Amazing, isn’t it?
  • Enhanced brain function: Curcumin constitutes a mere 3-5% in turmeric, but when it is extracted, it becomes bio-available; its functions are enhanced beyond imagination. With its natural and anti-inflammatory functions, it helps develop the brain function. With old people suffering from Alzheimer’s and other brain reparations, consuming HYE FOODS Curcumin Capsules, becomes one of the resolutions to your problems.
  • Easy to Carry: Still figuring out an easy way to consume Curcumin? Try HYE FOODS Curcumin Capsules. Curcumin, along with the Piperine, in a capsule, in the perfect amount to be consumed, becomes easy to carry and guzzle. It is heaven in a capsule!

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“Every Spice has that special spice to it!”

Curcumin, with all its beneficial functions, provides sustenance to humans of all age, exclusively to old people, with the difficulties that they face even for their daily chores! Did you know that it is also acknowledged for providing growth and recovery to athletes, in a short span of time? This product provides a high potency of 95% curcumin, with 95% Piperine, which leads to heightened turmeric intake. This is a 100% vegetarian produce. Would you like to know another mesmerizing fact? Even the capsule is 100% vegetarian! If you have done your research, then you know that curcumin must be taken in precise quantities. Over-dosage may have undesirable effects. But, wait for it. We’ve got it covered for you! Let go of your suspicions for this matter! We’ve put it in a capsule, in the perfect quantity for you to ingest! No more hassle of balancing all the components. The capsule works magic! It works with your body almost immediately, unlike other forms of curcumin, which take hours, at times, to show its charms. Our product is made with the objective to allow your body to consume the curcumin, like how tea devours the biscuit!

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