Camel Milk for Women:

Camel Milk for Women:

Have You Ever thought that Camel Milk has some special benefits for women? If not, then we’re here to tell you all about it! 

All those times when our parents, grandparents, or our caretakers told us to drink milk, we said “No” and ran away. They said it all because they wanted us to grow properly into strong, healthy women, and they knew exactly what they were talking about! 

It is a known fact that our bones provide a proper structure to our bodies and also protect our organs, as well as anchors our muscles. Thus, for healthy bones, calcium is considered a key component, as it plays a significant role in the reduction of bone diseases such as osteoporosis. It is known as a disease of the skeletal system that occurs when the body loses too much bone or makes too little bone or both. As a result of this disease, the bones become weak and may break when you fall or in a serious case, it might break when you sneeze or even in a minor cough.  

Calcium is a type of mineral that cannot be produced by the body, which means that we are solely responsible for making sure that our bodies are provided with the amount of Calcium that it needs. It is quite significant to not only ensure that your body is receiving the perfect amount of Calcium but to also understand the various foods that contain it. 

Which milk is considered the best for women? Well, we have a great suggestion for you! 

Camel Milk! Yes, Camel Milk! 

Why Camel Milk? 

You must be wondering as to why we say Camel Milk. We’ll tell you! 

It is not just for its calcium content, but various other factors that make it all the more special! However, calcium is for sure one of the major reasons that we recommend Camel Milk for women. 

Most women are unaware of the importance of calcium in their lives and for their health. It is a known fact that a woman’s normal diet does not meet her daily calcium needs. Calcium helps in the maintenance of healthy bones and ensures their proper growth, where an insufficient intake of calcium may lead to diseases like osteoporosis. It is also considered important for the proper functioning of the nervous system, improving muscle health, and avoiding blood clotting. 

If women do not consume calcium in the proper amounts, then it may lead to various issues in different stages of their lives. 

A proper source of calcium is Camel Milk, where every 120 ml of Camel Milk contains 156 mg of Calcium.

The recommended dietary allowance of Calcium for women in their various stages of life are: 

Camel Milk for Women, pregnancy, Normal days

As mentioned above, as a girl grows up, her calcium intake must be increased, as a growing child needs more vitamins and minerals. Women should be proactive about getting their daily dose of calcium throughout life to build their bone density in their 20s, as their bodies will lose some of the bone mass during their later stages of life. 

This can be done by drinking Camel Milk, as it contains a higher amount of calcium than other types of milk available in the market. It is also rich in other vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, B, C, D & E, along with minerals like Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, etc. which helps in the overall growth and development of the body. 

Camel Milk and Menstruation: 

Camel Milk, along with keeping the bones stronger and helping in the overall growth and development of the body of women, is also helpful in other aspects, such as during menstruation, or even during pregnancy. 

As Camel milk contains a higher amount of calcium, it helps in maintaining the optimum level of calcium, as it is significant for women suffering from Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). Women with a poorer intake of dietary calcium, react against the estrogen and progesterone in the body, thus, triggering PMS symptoms. 

Not just PMS, every woman has to go through her menstrual cycle every month. Some go through heavy flow and some go through a minor flow. Women with the heavier flow are more prone to complications like anemia, as they are losing much blood, and there is a higher loss of iron from their bodies. 

How much blood loss do women suffer during periods? Oh, you won’t believe us when we tell you so! 

It’s around 80ml! 

Women Power! Every month you go through so much loss, yet you stand with a smile! Do you know? We’ve got a little surprise for you here! We’ve got something that can make up for all that loss! 

Camel Milk! Yes, yes! You heard us right! Camel Milk is beneficial for you here too! It’s simple! 

During periods, you lose blood and in turn, you lose much iron from your body. To make up for it, you can drink Camel Milk, as it is rich in iron

Camel Milk and Pregnancy: 

Now that we’ve told you about Camel Milk and how it is beneficial for you during menstruation, we’ll tell you a bit about its benefits for pregnancy! 

During pregnancy, the nutritional requirement of women increases and it is greater than any other time! Every single element that includes vitamins and minerals are considered significant for the development of the fertilized ovum into a viable fetus for it to become a baby. During the time of feeding, while pregnant, the woman also feeds the fetus, as well as the placenta to which the fetus is connected through the umbilical cord.

Ooh! That’s heavy, isn’t it? Well, in simple terms, what the mother eats, so does the child, and the need of the mother increases, because she is consuming food for two people. 

Now, if the mother suffers from malnutrition, it may decrease her fertility and thus, her probability of future conception. Camel Milk is said to be rich in vitamins like Vitamin B3 (Niacin), B5 (Pantothenic Acid), A (Retinol), along with minerals like Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, etc. which help in providing all the nutritional requirements of both the mother and the child. 

Well, on the basis of what we have said, we can say that Camel Milk is beneficial for women and it has various health benefits for them too! 

Where can you get Camel Milk? 

We, at Hye Foods, bring to you 100% pure and natural Camel Milk Powder, with no additives or preservatives! Are you willing to give Camel Milk a chance? If so, then click here and get the best of Camel Milk today! The benefits of Hye Foods Camel Milk Powder are the same as Camel Milk. All you have to do is give it a try! 

Try Hye Foods Camel Milk Powder today!   

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